Saturday, 4 June 2016

Its June Already!!!

Yoo hoo! Morning :)

Can you believe its June already! Its been a lovely few weeks has been beautiful and lots of work has been happening in the garden :) there's just the matter of the sheds to clean out now :-/ I just know there's going to be big spiders in there!!

A quick update on the health situation...all is much, much better now...not in so much pain and the back brace is off! Hooray! So this sort of sums up how if feel....


The garden has been having a major clean up and Dad helped me put a brick edge around the lawn...well I say Dad helped was more Dad did the majority of the work and I helped a bit :))
One of my favourite flowers is out in all its glory....Lily of The Valley....

 The fragrance that comes from these little beauties is amazing...I have planted Sweet Pea seeds which are just coming through now...another of my fact I have quite a few favourites...Roses have to be added to that list too :) Some summer bedding plants have been put in their spots and I bought some more yesterday...heaven knows where they are going to go...but you can always squeeze another little plant in  :)

Last Sunday was spent at my Mom and Dads...the sunshine was beautiful...and their garden was looking a treat....

such a lovely colour on the Peonies....

And these flowers on the Rhododendrons are such a beautiful colour...I'm not a lover of yellow but the creamy yellow of these tinged with that pink are a feast for the eyes :)

Puppy Dog enjoyed her day there too...she just loves being able to wonder around...with the ever present tennis ball as you can see :)

This made us laugh so much I just had to take a picture...she really wanted to make sure Grandad knew that she was there...and was quite happy to help him with pudding haha


These 3 pink roses have been sitting in the little churn on the kitchen counter for nearly two weeks now...they have been a delight....

We went to a Craft and Vintage Fair the other weekend and I purchased this pretty butter dish...

Many moons ago I had a very large kitchen with an enormous dresser in it and I had a blue and white obsession...absolutely everything was willow pattern and it was all displayed...I fell in love with this little dish and I can feel a blue and white obsession stirring again within me :)

I haven't done much baking...but on Mondays Bank Holiday I did bake a Lemon and Blueberry Cake...

very naughty but very nice :)


On the crafting front...I have completed the granny blanket I showed you in the last post...

this is it before the border was done...and I made a little what I call "useful" blanket to compliment it...

I think we can safely say my crochet mojo is back!!! Hooray :)

I have been doing some papercutting and made a birthday card...but I will have to show you that next time as it is for my daughter and she has not opened it yet so don't want to spoil it... :)


I have to say that I haven't been on Pinterest that much (well that's a bit of a fib its still been quite a lot I'm just kidding myself haha) I saw this idea and thought it was fab...a great way to serve salads and fruit at a BBQ without all those pesky flies and wasps landing on them :- /


So that's the round up of the last few weeks...Hubby has just rung to say he's finishing early from work and we can sort out the that's my afternoon sorted.... :)

This little parcel has just arrived as well...

a new batch of wool from those lovely people at Wool Warehouse its for my next little project...and I'm going to have a crack at writing a pattern for it! The little chair you can just see in the photo arrived at my house yesterday from my Dads is just soooo cute! and this will be my next painting project....haven't made my mind up what colour yet...probably white or cream and a pretty crocheted seat pad I think :)

Well I will leave you for now...thank you to those of you who leave comments for me it really means a lot that you take the time to read this little part of my life.... :)

This weeks vintage photo....

It made me smile when I saw took me straight back to my teens...swimming lessons, which I hated and walking to the local swimming baths in the summer holidays :)  I suppose these days they just have to put up signs saying NO MOBILES haha :)

This weeks quote...

good advice...always live in the moment...its amazing!

See you soon...have a fantastic week...enjoy everything you do xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi glad you feeling better. You sound more positive than you did in your last post.
    The blanket is lovely the colours really work well together.
    I would love a piece of your cake.
    I think you are right we wish our lives away, by wanting things that aren't probably going to happen.
    We should just live for the moment.

    1. Thanks Jacky....I only wish I could send you a piece of cake over the net haha x

  2. So happy you're feeling better, it really does make everything else so much brighter when you have the health to appreciate it. Your parents have some lovely flowers in their garden. Wouldn't mind a slice of that cake, looks absolutely delish xx

    1. Thanks and dad just have the magic touch with the garden...unfortunately the gene didn't pass on to me haha x

  3. Hi,as always a very interesting post.So glad you are feeling a lot better,long may it last.Fab pics.puppy dog made me laugh too bless her.Love the gardening pics,so wish I could have fresh flowers in the house oh well.Love that sponge you are very good at baking.Take care.x