Monday, 10 July 2017

Simple Pleasures :)

Hello... :))

The Simple Pleasures....just like my coffee cup says...
since work doesn't stop play anymore I can definitely say that we are able to enjoy life so much more.....

What a couple of weeks its been....we've had a mini heatwave...and it got very hot, very quickly! Then a little rain...and some grey skies...but its still been hot and sticky

I love the sun but I'm not a lover of heat...I come over all unnecessary haha...I definitely need the heat turning down!  I wouldn't mind if the heat made the fat I'm carrying melt away but that would be a little wishful thinking wouldn't it...haha :))

I haven't done a thing in the house all the while the heat was with us... I figured as all the windows were wide open...what was the point of would have all been back again in minutes (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it haha) we did spend a day chilling (no pun intended) in the garden...but that was enough... some bedding plants finally made it into the ground on one of the days that had clouded over for a bit...and I wanted to take a photo of my lovely lily plant to show you...but wouldn't you know it all the blooming flowers had started to die off! So I will have to wait until the new blooms are out to show the meantime I took a photo of my beautiful pinks :)) I did go slightly mad the weekend (I blame the heat!) and cut all the hedge...arms are now very achy :(

I have just written the first part of our 'Road Trip' its on the PAGES section and I will be logging each destination over the next few weeks...

(picture taken from in in bottom corner)

A couple of little outings have been to Llandudno...we took my parents with will see from the photos the skies threatened rain all day but we didn't have a drop and by the afternoon the sun was peeping through...Fish and Chips were had for its the "law" when you go to the seaside in our house :)

a gentle stroll along the pier and the was great to see it so busy with holiday makers...its a lovely old fashioned town...beautifully the antique & vintage shops there too...a good old rummage was had :)

Today we have been to Trentham Gardens but just to the shopping street and garden centre...there are some super little shops selling what I call "non high street stuff"...we sat and had coffee...that's my cup at the beginning of the post...and the wording just said it all...Simple Pleasures...that's exactly what I was enjoying...sat watching the world go by taking it all in...people chatting and walking with their doggies...<3

Trentham gardens is famous for its fairies dotted around the grounds...and one of the shops were selling kits to make you own wire fairy!!! I had to have one!

This is what one is supposed to look like...I'm hopeful that mine will turn out ok...we will see :)

Too much money was also spent in the foody shop...mustards....biscuits...sweets and a cheeky bottle of damson gin (Yummy)

On the craft front...well...not much...I have started my scrapbook...

and I've been planning a few things I would like to do...the school holidays will be upon us soon and we wont be day tripping so I'm going to kick my butt into gear and get crafting...and I have my fairy to make! :)

We have had a new, smaller fish tank at home and we have babies from the fish that are in there...I have spent hours watching these fish...they do have character and some are a little feisty! Every morning I do a head count...and we have 3 new baby additions...the photos are not great I apologise for that....

The babies are in this photo...honest! they are the two pale dots in front of the taller pagoda! haha

Wimbledon is rain so far...this photo sums up Puppy Dogs thoughts on the competition...

No one is taking her tennis balls!

From Pinterest the usual bits n bobs have been saved...I have started a new board for Fonts & Handwriting...I'm going to teach myself some of this fancy writing :)

I fancy doing some sampling embroidery so these will come in useful :)

I loved this little mug too...

Well that just about rounds up the last couple of weeks....

I will leave you with this quote I found made me smile...have a great week all...enjoy everything you do...xxxxxxx



  1. Heheh, been feeling a bit unnecessary myself with all this heat, phew! So lovely to see you back in blog world and I can't wait to see your wire fairy xx

  2. Thanks Cheryl...I'm looking fwd to the fairy challenge 😁👍xx