Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer Is Here!

Summer is finally on its way, everything is starting to bloom in the garden, birds are singing and the temperatures are warm :)

On our trot out last week an idea sprang to mind for a baby blanket, the skies were blue, the grass lush and green, speckled with bright daisies. So when I got home I set to work. I think pram and pushchair blankets are so useful for everything, my daughter uses hers for in the car seat, at the supermarket when the children are in the trolley seat - it can get very chilly down the fridge I aisles :)

I had a few balls of Women's Institute wool left over from a tea cosy I had recently made for a friend, so made bright yellow daisy centres, surrounded by petals, placed in a pale blue square, just the colour of the skies, then joined together with a gorgeous lush green and edged with a soft furry creamy edge

So its all finished now and William is posing along side it

Perfect for baby boy or girl which is nice, its for sale on Misi

I mentioned the tea cosy I made for my friends daughter for her birthday, she absolutely loved the one that is for sale on a well known vintage style website :) so I made her my version of it, plus a teapot stand/mat to match
Perfect for Summer and she is loving having her friends over for tea now and showing it off!

You cant beat a handmade item as its totally unique there will never be another exactly the same and I like to keep it that way, I don't use the same colours for the same pattern again I always use a different combination that way the item is special, special for the person who receives it.

I've already started on the next blanket, which is in 4ply and I can tell you now this one will be a total one off its taking a long time to come together :)

The colours are a bit of a departure for me, I'm not known for using really bright colours but when I saw the colours together I just loved them and a lot of people like traditional things but in contemporary colours, its a lovely soft microfibre yarn so will be lovely and light for the summer.  These are the colours I'm using will post a picture of the completed blanket soon as its almost ready to join together,

I will leave you with the cutest picture, have a lovely day and be happy like this little chap :) xx

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