Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hearts desire


Today I have been working on a different project.  I started a Christmas Present...yes I know its only July but you have to get ahead! :) but I thought I would take a break today and do something else instead.  Now that the nights are getting much, much warmer its nice to prop the doors open during the night and let the air circulate a bit so to stop the door slamming if there is a sudden gust of wind we needed a doorstop, so that's what I have made today :)
The chart for the heart pattern is very straightforward and can be found "pinned" on my Pinterest Board ~ Crochet & Knitting
I had some wool spare ( Patons Smoothie) so have made 6 squares of hearts but the one I just adapted the pattern and made an outline heart instead of a full one for the top of the doorstop
I decided to make the item stronger to crochet them together down the seam instead of sewing so did a double crochet down the seam and to strengthen even further slip stitched all the way back down again
Now, once they have all been joined the ends end finishing off...I have to admit I hate this bit and always try to crochet ends in if possible but I couldn't in this case
The base piece is then added and the cube is filled, I use microfiber filling and make a 'nest in the middle and add a 1kg bag of cheap rice, this gives it enough weight and is very eco friendly :) Once its stuffed full crochet seam the top square in place....and voila!!
I've added a little handle and a bow just to pretty it up a bit more.  I will definitely be using this heart square again on other projects I love it.
For now I will get back to my ripple blanket which somehow is very therapeutic to crochet
These are the colours I am using....
This is the blanket at the start its much bigger now...
Bye for now, have a great week x


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