Sunday, 7 June 2015

Breezy Sunny Days :)

This week has been one of those easy, carefree weeks...nothing that  needs too much attention.  Its been very sunny and beautifully warm but very breezy at the same time...its been lovely being able to have all the windows open wide letting in all that fresh air, a cooling breeze blowing through...I have wind chimes and Buddhist Bells hanging in every window and they have been tinkling along all day long filling the air with little tunes and reminding me that the Chi is flowing and I can really feel the difference in our home this week...much more relaxed :)  I am a very spiritual person, my Reiki and Feng Shui are part of my every day life and its just been the best thing this week letting in all the sunshine, warmth and winds of summer....

The two blankets that were in the post to their new owners arrived safe and sound and the feedback was lovely, it makes my heart happy when someone is pleased with their purchase and knowing that they will love their new item.

I have finished off the blanket I started using the Lily Pond Pack, that just needs labelling up and then it will be up for sale...I think this time in my Etsy shop. 


 I have "played" with all the little odd ends of wool too this week and made myself a colour chart and I just love it!

Today has been spent in the garden, there was soooooo much to do but its all tidy now and looking spick and span shoulders are a little pink!!!! (it was very sunny)

It will soon be time to take puppy dog out so best cover up those shoulders....then it will be time to get back to the latest project...the blanket for my grandson....I have decided on blues, greens, beige and grey and its turning out quite a retro 70's vibe which I am really liking....what do you think?

Well home has definitely been my happy place this week...but so has this!!!

Lets see where next week takes us, I hope you have all had a perfect weekend and that that perfection carries on into the coming week...see you all next weekend xxxxx


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