Sunday, 31 May 2015

Florrie May...the Original :)

This is my Nan...Florrie on the right with her sister, my Aunty Em, this is one of my favourite photos of her...on their holidays in Rhyl many years ago.  I didn't get enough time with this wonderful lady she died when I was 9 years old...but in those 9 yrs. she passed on so many precious gifts that I carry in my heart every day...she taught me how to knit, bake, play and my passion I keep her memory alive inside of me and now she's on the world wide web as well...I write my blog in her name, my Facebook craft page in her name, Twitter as well :)

Twitter @florriemay51
Facebook Happy Heart Crafting

This week another two blankets have gone off to their new owners, to be well loved I hope.

I also spent a quiet, peaceful, lovely day completing my Summer Flower Wreath...such a joy...and its hung on the wall ready for the start of Summer tomorrow (well my summer starts on 1st June!)

New yarn stash arrived this week too, from the lovely Wool Warehouse...cant wait to get started on the new blankets, one will be for one of my Grandsons who has decided he would very much like to have one of nans blankets for his long as there is NO PINK OR PURPLE! Ha Ha :)

But as you can see there is some pink and purple, this is for another blanket...which may make it to the For Sale pile...although I am so in love with the new colours it may have to stay with me :)

Whilst out walking yesterday I picked some lilac from one of the tress over the field...don't you just love the smell of today I treated myself to a small bunch of freesia's...I cant tell you how much I looking forward to opening the lounge door in the morning and walking into a room filled with the fragrance of these...the glass jar they are in...I have just picked up in the charity shop for giving things a new home

Well its time for Sunday lunch now...lovely bit of slow roast lamb is calling me name

Have a lovely week all xxxx

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