Sunday, 13 September 2015

Holiday Time.... :))

Hi All,

Well this week has been wonderful....I have so much to tell you...we have been on our Holidays....and yes it was Summer Holidays...the sun shone brightly everyday and we have come back...tanned and relaxed :)

It was lovely to finally have some hot sunshine, beautiful blue skies and to be at the Sea...oh how I love the much as I love the countryside...and I really do...the seaside is just something else...I would love to live by the coast...I'll just have to keep dreaming :)

We went to Dorset...its been many years since I had been there but it was still every bit as good as I remembered...

Lyme Regis was beautiful...but so busy...and Puppy Dog was not allowed on the we only visited there the was lovely and a café lunch and enormous ice creams went down a treat :)

Bournemouth....ahhh Beautiful Bournemouth...this place has so many happy memories for me...we went there for holidays when I was little....the beach was amazing and Puppy Dog had her first footsteps on sand and ran in and out of the was lovely to see her so happy....

Brightly coloured beach huts line the promenade (that's my Mom & Dad sitting on the wall)....

Puppy Dog was in heaven...chasing the waves.....

I was just so happy to have my feet on the sand and have the waves lap over them....made me very happy..... :)

Weymouth was just as pretty....fab little souvenir shops selling lots of little bits of seasidey stuff :) and the beach...beautiful soft sand....more lattes in beach roast pork baps which were like a meal in themselves...and yep you guessed creams....yum

We especially liked the Old Harbour at Weymouth with its beautiful buildings and quaint little streets

A fishing boat was unloading its catch of crabs...they were the size of dinner plates!

The next lot of photos were taken at Bowleaze Cove...just along the coast from Weymouth and Puppy Dog was allowed on all of this beach...she was in her element :)


Our other dog...Foxy...passed away this time last year so I made a little heart on the beach in memory of both her and Shaky who passed away a few years ago :(

We stayed in the lovely Village of Maiden Newton...a pretty, quiet Village and so dog friendly...we could go in the pub, the shops, the café and even the locals had doggy biscuits in their pockets ready to give a treat!


Lovely thatched cottages...most with animals or birds mounted on top and such a pretty church....and the best my old friend lived in the Village...I couldn't believe it! It was lovely to catch up and laugh about old was just like we had spoke last week, not nearly 15yrs ago...that's the mark of a good friendship :)

Our sunny Summer Picnic Blanket came away with us and Puppy Dog was most pleased to have it draped over the patio chair for a sunbathe :) and these are all the butterflies just outside our door...beautiful :)


Now for my treasures I brought home with me...I wont bore you with stones and I have lots of those :) just my little seaside purchases :)

I wanted to find a fossil...but sadly I didn't so I had to buy one and in the fossil shop I found this oh so cute little onyx pot...its only an inch or so high and is sitting proudly on the mantle :)

I picked up vintage style postcards which are going to be framed and hung in my "oh I do like to be beside the seaside" magnet for my mood board in the craft room...a pebble with "head to the beach" on...just to remind me of those lovely beaches...and my absolutely gorgeous beach shopping bag...which I used all holiday and will be my shopping bag of choice for all future holidays...I'm totally in love with it! :)

One of my favourite things was a gift from my friend, before leaving....a tin of Dorset Knob we had such a laugh about these in the pub...the biscuits I have to say would be an acquired taste...they are rock hard! So much so that there is a festival that takes place which includes the "Knob Throwing Contest" just up the road from where we were can see it HERE ...the tin has pride of place in my kitchen.... for the contents...mmm...we are keeping up the tradition of making them into a Puppy Dog is playing with them to start she thinks they are a hard ball...but eventually she is eating them...well SHE must like them! ha ha :)

As for crochet this week...I have to admit not much has occurred due to the weather being so glorious...I did take my bag of Autumn wreath wool away with me...but I didn't get very far... I will be very industrious this week and get back on track :)

Well I suppose I should get back to more washing and ironing...
:( ...I feel as though I have...washed...dried...and ironed...every bit of clothing we own...every towel and every blanket! Why is there always so much washing when you get back from holiday when its only been a week!

I hope I haven't bored you this week but there has just been so much to add to the diary! :)

Here's this weeks vintage (ish) photo...

So True....ha ha

And I will leave you with this weeks little quote...well its more of a poem really...I found it quite apt as it would have been the Original Florrie May's birthday this week and she was on my mind....

Have a lovely week all...enjoy everything you do....xxxx

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