Saturday, 4 April 2015

Spring At Last ~ Happy Easter

Well I'm finally back in blog land! Since I was last here a lot has happened, there's been sadness and heartache, illness and finally surgery, but now healing has taken place and that is all behind me 😊.

At last Spring is here, longer days, warmer days and everything coming to life after a sleepy winter...oh how I love this season.  The cherry tree blossom is about to burst, the snowdrops (our first inkling that Spring is coming) have been and gone, the daffodils have opened their bright and breezy faces to the warming sun and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of bluebells 🌷

This year I have decided to try a few new crafts ~ felting, watercolour painting, papercuts to name a few...quite excited at the prospect of new creations 🎨

So far this year it has still been pretty much crochet creations I've recently completed a bright ripple picnic blanket ready for our summer outings

I have used Stylecraft DK using 14 colours

I love celebrating the seasons in the home and last year I made a Spring Wreath but my crochet skills have improved so much that I decided a new one was in order, so after reading Attic24 blog and seeing Lucy's winter wreath I decided to use some of her new patterns to make my new one and I so enjoyed the therapeutic process

Wreath ring made and a few flowers made ~ think I need more large flowers 🌸

All the bits and pieces made and ready for blocking and pinning

All pinned and ready to attach

Ta-Dah all finished 

Whilst attaching everything to the ring in the peacefulness I began to think of my Nan who taught me to crochet when I was 4 years old what a special gift she gave me, being able to create beautiful things that make me very happy for nearly 50 years now...thanks Nan hope you are looking down at these creations 💕

There will be more photos tomorrow then I should be upto date have a lovely evening all xxxx

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