Sunday, 12 July 2015

Colours All Around

This week has flown by...but its been a great week, I have got lots done and added to my crafty stash with a little bit of internet shopping and a sneaky trip to the craft store yesterday :)

Its been a colourful and often fragrant week a bid to feel more balanced and in control I have gone back to my favourite colours for this weeks blanket, and I have been taking my time on this one...I think this will be a WIP (work in progress) for a few weeks.  One of my favourite flowers is the Hydrangea, so I have used photos of these glorious shrubs in full bloom as my inspiration, I just love the colour combo's from the greeny white, creamy, pink, raspberry, blues and purples of these frothy blooms...these are the colours I picked out to use...

The main colours are Denim, Cloud Blue, Raspberry and Meadow, then I'm using Pale Rose, Cream, Storm Blue, Sage, Khaki and Grape as accent colours...the wool is Stylecraft Special DK its my favourite and its beautiful to work with as well as being hard wearing and great to wash.  The texture of the flowers all crammed together is wonderful and I wanted to try and add some of that texture in the blanket.  I have done a wide border using all the colours and different stitches, then using the main colours and adding in the accents, using the basic treble stitch have come up with this pattern which I think adds that texture.  I have no idea what the stitch as a 'whole' is called as I have made it up myself but I cant believe that such a simple stitch has not got a name, if you know what it is I would love to know the correct name....

Now let me show you my crafty purchases for this week :))) (very happy face!)

 Firstly my new yarn cutter, I have had my Clover thread cutter (one on the right top photo) for a number of years now, so decided it was time to get another one, this time I purchased the Clover yarn cutter (Amazon), a bit more substantial...I love these little tools...I don't have to worry about scissors being left anywhere they shouldn't be, these do the job perfectly with no danger, you can also where them on a thread around your neck so they are always to hand.  I made a little case for tape measure this week too...I do have the essential Cath Kidston retractable tape measure but if I'm honest I prefer my old fashioned fabric one, but it was always coming undone in my bag so this little case does the job perfectly :) new sets of colour pens they are Letraset Promarkers (if you buy any get them from Amazon, much cheaper than in the shops), they come in sets of 12 different colours, I have Set 1 and Set 2, I have heard so many good reviews of these I had to have some for myself and I shall be using them very soon, I also purchased some box frames from Ikea, I have an idea floating around for some artwork...and my new stylus for using on my IPad, its brilliant, such a economical little piece of kit that has changed my way of using my IPad, no more finger-marks all over the screen...happy days

Lastly...some neat little embroidery rings...not sure what im going to do with these yet but they were so cute...Alphabet the cutest little wooden box...these have already been used for labelling-I LOVE them <3...Butterflies - a snip at £1 I just had to have them and my pretty little pink birds for myself...they sit so lovely on my summer wreath :)

And for a change no wool was purchased!!! But I can feel an order being placed soon with the lovely Wool Warehouse :)

I found this picture on a home magazine site and I just had to share it with you...I love this idea for my own craft room...its a patchwork of wallpaper...isn't it a brilliant idea? a great way to introduce colour and of course its a little bit of craft work!

And for the fragrant bit of the week, my sweet peas have flowered, they just completely cheer me up they are so colourful and their fragrance amazing...
(there's that colour combo again...)
And talking of amazing fragrance...whilst we have been out walking this week, all the lime trees, you may call them linden trees have come into bloom...their sent is just intoxicating...its so strong but beautiful...amazing!
This weeks vintage photo.......
must be me in another life! Ha Ha
Well for my week ahead...much more the same please...I have felt much better this week and long may it continue, I have managed to ground myself again and allowed the Reiki to flow...the added bonus this week is I get to visit one of my besties, she is also my Reiki Master, so being in her home, being in her energy is the most wonderful thing and I cant wait...
With that in mind...this is this weeks quote...
its very important for us all to live in the moment and take in every wonderful thing that is around many people miss out and don't really live...they think that having their head down looking at their phone, reading Facebook is the real world, well its not...Nature and the Universe give us beautiful things to make life much it says "Enjoy the Ride"
Have a fantastic week

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