Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer Heat

Happy Sunday everyone :)

Although the weather has been extremely hot for us die hard crocheters we can still make blankets ~ although I have to admit it was very slow going sitting under a blanket it 40 degree heat wasn't the most pleasurable of times :)

Here is the finished blanket I was telling you about last week, a very much make it up as you go along affair, I wanted to use up some odds and ends of wool so this seemed a perfect project, all I had to buy for this one was the cream wool (it used a surprising amount of that)

all of my blankets are for sale in my Etsy Shop FlorrieMayHandmade

I'm pleased with they way it turned out, its very pretty, a different style to what I usually make, I am currently writing a pattern for it (I'm not good at doing this so it takes me while, but I will have it posted soon).

To get back to the weather, here in England, when we do get a spell of sunny weather, after a few days of heat the storms start to brew, but whilst its brewing we get heat of a different kind, and on Wednesday that's what we got, overcast, very little sun and 40 degrees as you can see from the photo it was 31 degrees indoors, with loads of fans on and the air conditioning unit going too

 Luckily we only had one day of this, we English are just not built for this ha ha! I know this is not hot compared to some countries, but as we always say here...."its a different kind of heat abroad"...I have no idea why we say that, and how it can be different ha ha

I did get out in the garden to enjoy the sunshine and the flowers blooming certainly give me that feel good factor, they are blooming lovely!


The bottom photo is of blooms that have been cut for house, and the fragrance coming from them is beautiful

Its also been Wimbledon time this week, and I love the Tennis so that's been on the TV all day, on the first day Puppy Dog was very interested in it, she couldn't get over how many of her favourite toy there was...Tennis Balls! So much so...she wasn't going to take any chances on losing hers...she even went to sleep hanging on to it!

I did some baking last week as it was Fathers day and I made Dad his fav cake and there was a little bit of the mix left over for Hubby to have cakes too :)


I just had to share this photo I found with you...I just love it....I can imagine my Aunty Em and my Nan doing this and laughing just the same...I adore vintage photos like this :)

Well after writing this....I realise that not much crafting has taken place this week!  Yesterday I ordered some new painting I'm eagerly awaiting their delivery next week...I have a few ideas formulating in my over crowded mind....along with lots of other wooly ideas :)

I have started a new blanket and I'm trying to write the pattern as I go, will share this with next week, in the meantime I will leave you with a couple of quotes

Do find time do this....its so good

Have a great week all....xxxx

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