Sunday, 26 July 2015

Joyful Parcel

Morning All,

Well if this is Summer its a wash out! That's all I'm going to say on that subject as it really gets me down....we need some SUNSHINE!

This week I have finished my Hydrangea Blanket....I had decided to put a wide border on each needed to make a separate border for the finishing end as all the pattern would have been the wrong way round if I had just carried on....I just had to stitch it on to the main blanket and I worked perfectly and you cant even see the join :))....(chuffed face)

Then the exciting bit of the new delivery of may call me sad...but as all yarn crafters will know...a wonderful, new delivery of woolly gorgeousness makes me very, very happy...I can drift away dreaming of all the new projects that will come out of this cardboard box! :)))

Having split the wool into separate piles....the top left is the new project I'm working on...more about that in a right is next in line but not sure what that's going to be yet (well I mean 'not sure which pattern blanket it will be' ha ha) and the Drops wool...well that is on sale till the end of July at WOOL WAREHOUSE so I had to try some and I loved these subtle and vintagey...these I have no idea about....they are just STASH :)))

This is my new blanket....Ive worked out im going to need at least 300 of these gorgeous little squares...and it is such a lovely thing to work on....they build up quite quickly...

I had been looking at some ideas on Pinterest and decided I wanted to do squares again...but different from before...then I remembered when I was shopping the other day I was very tempted by lovely little piles of fat quarter materials....why I don't sewing is not my thing...but I thought I could manage a patchwork quilt...well in my head I thought I could do it...the only sewing I can manage is straight lines, cushions, bunting, I've even made curtains...but did I really want to dig the sewing machine I decided to do a patchwork blanket with little granny squares and I'm loving it :)

The cushion on the chair in the photo is one of my creations...ha is some vintage material I bought whilst on holiday last year from a charity shop for £1 I loved it straightaway but as sewing is not my forte I wondered what on earth I would use it for...but I couldn't resist it and stashed it away in my craft cupboard until a couple of months ago...I found out an old cushion for the chair but didn't like the cover....then I remembered my piece of fabric...I have to hold my hands up at this point...I didn't make a cover...I just wrapped it around the cushion to see what it looked like...I liked it...Hubby didn' fact he hated it...but I told him I'd leave it there a bit and see if it grew on him and it did....but its still just wrapped around the old cushion...ooops!

As for none crafty things....the flowers from the garden are still performing beautifully...I currently have 3 little vases of sweet peas brightening up the place and this week I have a rose too...its only just coming in the bud but couldn't resist taking one :)

I purchased a little lavender scented candle...for 2 reasons....a) I thought it might help me drop off to sleep...b) the jar was so cute!  I'm happy to report that it has indeed helped me drift off the sleep a lot happy on both counts...and I needed it on Wednesday night...I looked at the Health Lottery results and we had 3 numbers...happy days a cheeky £20...then I looked at the two other numbers that would have given us a win of £100,000 we have number 7 and 35 and number 6 and 36 were drawn :(.....soooo close I could almost see a new house on the horizon but it wasn't to be...

Well I've rabbled on long enough's this weeks vintage photo...well its a very special one...its of my Mom and Dad back in the day....its their wedding anniversary next its in their honour :)

I just adore my moms skirt :)

This weeks quote.....

Have a lovely week all....enjoy whatever you are doing xxxx

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