Sunday, 25 October 2015

"The Changing of The Clocks!" :)

Happy Sunday afternoon :)

Well what a difference a week makes! Last week I was all jolly and happy and this week....well what can I tell you...I have fell out with myself nearly everyday this week! I'm putting it down to another menopausal hit...I can usually bat off the feelings into the background but not this week...its hung about like a black cloud.... although I am feeling more myself today...thank goodness!!!

Did you remember to change your clocks??? The changing of the clock ceremony started yesterday afternoon...Hubby changes all the manual ones...the digital ones do I spent yesterday afternoon very confused...its not difficult :)

With the way my mood has been I haven't been up to a lot of crafting....I made the silly mistake of trying to make macaroons again....and failed miserably again! But I'm not going to give up...I will try again and again until I get a batch :)

As I had finished my last blanket....I was trying to plan a new project but with my head all fuddled...I just thought it best to do a simple wrong could I be...I started this.....

I did the first 10 rows....and hated it! So I grumpily put it to the bottom of the work basket and sulked....and started making solid squares with the intention of making another patchwork blanket....hated those as well! So you can see I've had a very indecisive, falling out with myself week! I have fetched it back out the work basket as you can see and I'm going to carry on with is very bright and cheery so hopefully it will brighten the days up :)

I still haven't decided what to do with my Stylecraft limited edition pack yet...but I have an idea brewing :)

I have also started a "more me" blanket for myself (that's two for me then!) using the newly released shade from Stylecraft - Duck Egg Blue....

Its a corner to corner blanket and I thought about putting some applique flowers and leaves....something a bit like above photo...just on the corners maybe????
So thankfully I'm back in love with my passion for crochet :)  (I never wasn't really) and that grumpy black cloud is now moving on....

A friend sent me some YouTube videos yesterday....which put a smile on my face...the Minions Singing (you cant help but smile at them) and the music video for Hot, Hot, was an absolute favourite of mine...many moons ago I used to be landlady of a nightclub and bar and that track we used to play when we were bottling up the it brings back lovely memories :)

Ikea was my destination this morning (that's why I'm late doing this diary entry) to purchase some picture ledges....that was all....but I have come back with the ledges I wanted...a hat hook....dinner plates...matching side plates....and a mini Christmas Tree!!!! Do you find it impossible to just get what you went for in Ikea? Now I'm all about re-using furniture...buying vintage and antiques...but somehow Ikea gets me :)

This is what I wanted the ledges for anyway....we have been collecting the Vintage Railway Postcards from everywhere we go for our holidays or special days they look great framed up and displayed on the ledges...

Internet meandering this week has done nothing for my quest to make Christmas wait a bit! Pinterest is full of Christmassy decoration, craft makes and ideas....hence the little tree purchased and I did buy more Christmas mugs and a box of crackers...ha ha....that's enough of that particular "C" word... :)

My word I didn't think I'd be able to write more that a couple of lines...but there you go...I can ramble on for England!

This weeks vintage photo is....

the lovely Maureen O'Hara...who sadly died yesterday aged 95...she was one of my favourites...and starred in my all time...absolute favourite Film..."The Quiet Man" and apparently of all the films she was in it was her favourite too :)

This weeks quote....

This has been very true over the past week...friends cheering me up....always look for the people to make your life a bit more of the above :)

Have a lovely week all....enjoy everything you do....xxxx

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