Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thoughts of Family....


Hope your Sunday is sunny....its almost sunny here :)

Well I cant believe how quick this week has gone....I have been working on my latest granny square blanket...all the squares are almost complete...I have the last two rounds to do on six of the squares then it will be joining together time...

I think joining with the grey will mute the colours down a little as its very bright!

A lot of the spare time this week has been taken up with copying, editing and printing photos for the family wall I want to do...

In my "dream world home" I would love it to look something like this....

The reality wont be anything as impressive as this...but I will love it all the same :) Its been so much fun to do...the oldest photo we have is of my great grandfather who was born around the 1850's-1860's...and lots of photos of my Nan...she was born in the 1890's and died in 1971...when you think about it....she had seen so many changes in her lifetime....things we take for granted now but must have been amazing at the time....electricity in the home, hot running water, telephones, television, even a man on the moon!

My mind has also been I say it....Christmas!  There's only a few weekends to go now...and normally I've usually done all the present shopping by now...but this year I have decided to wait a bit longer...just to try and enjoy the process a bit more...and the lead up to Christmas....I love buying presents :) I do have to admit I have got some little pressies already :)

But before Christmas we have Halloween...we usually have a carved pumpkin for decoration....but as there are no children in our house anymore...I'm going to do a pumpkin floral arrangement....something like this....

Ha ha....there I go in that "dream world home"! I shall be having a this space when it gets nearer the time...ha ha

This week has also seen a major investment in pillows....yes pillows...£60! That to me is a major I'm a saver not a spender...but when we were on holiday I slept on feather pillows and they were soooo comfy....and as I have trouble sleeping....I purchased new pillows for us....and I have to say...they are wonderful! And they other good thing is....they came in zipper bags...which have also been put to good use....they are just the perfect thing for stashing wool....keeps those lovely balls of yarn clean and tidy :)

Perfect! The only problem is...Hubby can now see just how much stash I have!

Well what a ramble about it has been this week...sorry if it all seems a bit random but its been that kinda week :)

The vintage photo this because of my bedroom linen visit this week....who remembers these...we certainly had several of these :)

candlewick bedspreads (makes you feel all nostalgic)....  :)

And this weeks to all you crafters out there....I had a little "wobble" this week and thought to myself..."why am I doing all this stuff...its a waste of time"... but then I gave myself a slap and pulled myself together and told myself...its because you love doing it! :)

Have a great week...enjoy everything you do xxxxxx

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