Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines :)

Hello...late again this week...but for a very good reason...I've been partying...its been my Grandsons lovely buffet food, lovely company...and glasses of fizz...fabulous :) and playing with light sabres :)

Happy Valentines I hope you have all had a lovely day

I have to say it has been a much better week than the previous one! Everyone is well again and almost back to fighting fit...myself...I have been a bit out of sync...a little down...I sometimes wish I had a clone of myself so I could give myself a good talking to and to knock some sense into me...but there isn' I have been taking it easy...going with the flow...and doing some grounding work...I have found myself feeling a bit anxious at I thought I would share how I try and bring my mind back into focus and calm might help someone out there who needs it...first I make sure I'm doing plenty of deep breaths in...holding for a few seconds before breathing right out...then look around you...wherever you are...outdoors is better but indoors is fine...find 5 things you can see and focus on them...then 4 things you can touch....feel the textures, the rough and the smooth...3 things you can'll be surprised what you hear when you really listen, birds, cars, alarms, water, your heart beat...then 2 things you can smell...maybe grass, flowers, the air after rainfall, baking...then try and find 1 thing you can taste...this one can be hard, I don't always find this one...but just the trying makes your mind focus...This really brings you into the now, grounds you and takes away the anxiety as your not thinking about it....

The weather has been beautiful here in middle England...I know parts of the UK have had snow and others lots of rain...but we have had beautiful frosty mornings, freezing air but the bluest of skies and sunshine everyday...although accompanied by cold strong has been a pleasure being outside...Winter may still be holding us tightly by the hand...but Spring is letting us know she is there...waiting in the wings...I have seen the first leaves of bluebells sneaking out of the ground...catkins on the trees...the buds of the blossom trees just waiting to burst open and more and more she's definitely not far away :)

I was going to buy some bright and cheery daffs for the house this week...then I stumbled on these...a little pot of loveliness for the same price...but you get the bulbs to plant in the garden after....

they have been double headed flowers too...

Baking this week has been all about our Grandsons birthday cake...Star Wars the theme this year...

It went down a storm...thankfully...he had this for his party yesterday with all his we had lovely cupcakes made by my daughter...she's turning into quite the cake maker :)

I also purchased a spiraliser this week...just a cheap one to try it out...courgette has never been so creative...ha ha...but it was easy to use and great fun and even Hubby ate courgette without moaning :)

I had a little trip out to the Range...I love their craft fact I love all of the store...I got some little bits and bobs for crafty makes over the next few weeks...but I forgot to photo I will do that for next weeks post...Crochet has been steady...daily squares are done...and as I had the new Stylecraft Colour Chart...I thought a little organising of my colour wheel was in order and to also see how many colours I was missing...the answer...lots and more yarn to buy...yippee! :)

The Stripes and Squares blanket is taking shape...the next block of stripes have been completed and work is well on the way with next block of squares...this was my Friday evening...crochet and Gin and Tonic...I know how to live you know! :)))

Hubby gave me the most beautiful bouquet flowers for Valentines...quite a shock as we don't normally bother...maybe he had picked up that I have been a little "out of sorts"...their fragrance is amazing...

My perusal through the internet this week has been on kitchens for some reason...I have no idea why...the only thing I can think of is my latest obsession with barn sliding doors...and a lot are on this one...

I'm in love with these doors! And look at that pantry! A large pantry is definitely on my dream house wish list :)

This is my favourite Pin of the Week...

such a lovely space...loving the duck egg blue doors...and its so achievable for us mere mortals :)

Well I've taken enough of your time for this week...and Country File is about to start :)  so I leave you with this weeks vintage picture...keeping with the theme of today....

Love Hearts are now officially vintage...they came into production in 1954...I haven't had any for many, many years but I bet the words have changed now in these modern will be all text speak etc I suppose...ha ha

This weeks quote....

I'm going to do just that...I'm going to start my "Happy Thoughts" scrapbook...gather up all my dreams and put them in one place.... :)

Have a fantastic week...enjoy everything you do...and go and collect a few dreams :) xxxxxxx




  1. Lots of happy things in your post! Love the flowers and crochet and wonderful cake! Hope you have a happy week.
    Helen xox

    1. Thanks Helen...have a happy week yourself :) x

  2. Love your post,love your interesting pics too,how talented you are.I too suffer from anxiety attacks since my brother was killed,thanks for the great help,will try all of them.Happy Week.x

    1. Oh my goodness Lee I do hope the anxiety tips help x