Sunday, 21 February 2016

New Routines....

Happy Sunday :)

I'm sitting here writing this with a steamy hot cuppa and buttery crumpet...yum :)

This week has been all change for me...I'm very house proud...I like things to look nice...clean...tidy and lovely to look at (something Hubby does not there's just us and the dog to look at it!)...but I'm not in love with you know I'm good at lists but have never been very good at routines...I had made my mind up last week when feeling under the weather...that a simple cleaning and tidy routine would be a great idea...there has been much reading about such routines on the internet over the past few the plan went into before bed I tidy up everywhere...put Puppy Dogs toys away (of which there are many!)...make sure the kitchen is all tidy...bleach the sink...straighten the cushions and blankets...tidy my crochet away....tidy up the books...its so quick to do and I can't believe what a difference this little change has done! When I get up in the morning...instead of thinking...I really need to tidy up...its all lovely...neat...tidy...straight and dare I say clean looking! It really starts the day off great...I feel that I'm on top of things already...its made the days seem calmer...and because I don't have to start tidying I've got more of the dreaded "proper" housework done! Its been a win/win situation :) I'm feeling so chuffed I've extended my "routine" to the laundry and dishwasher...I now load...wash...and then put away the crockery from the dishwasher instead of leaving it till the morning...and with the laundry...its washed, dried, ironed and put away in the same day...I've been asking myself why it has taken this long to "cotton on" to this idea???


Thankfully the lovely weather has continued this week...apart from a blip in the middle for one day when it just rained continuously...our eldest grandson came to visit this week as it was half term...its lovely that he still wants to come and spend time with us and his great grand parents...he's a teenager now so you don't really expect them to move out of their rooms and the gaming station! He is very grown up these days...but it was lovely to see boy in him when we took Puppy Dog over the fields to play ball...he took great delight in sending her running through all the muddy patches (he didn't have to bath her afterwards!)...he giggled away to himself happily...I even got a hug goodbye when he left...I usually get a "see ya nan" :) 
On another day Hubs and me decided we would go down to the bottom field...we haven't been there for months as it just floods...but with all the dry weather we had had we figured it may have dried out...which it had...mostly...Puppy was overjoyed to free...playing with sticks :)

"go on...pick up my stick and throw it for know you want too"

The sun was out but boy was it ever cold...the wind was biting...hence my very wrapped up yeti look :)

These gorgeous silver birch trees we pass on our trail were peeling off their winter coat to reveal the silvery white new bark for the Spring...its definitely on its way :)


We have had another Birthday this I made his favourite lemon sponge cake :)

The birthdays come thick and fast now...until the beginning of June and then it slows down a there will be lots of present buying over the next few weeks :)

I just have to show you how my roses open up from last week...they have been stunning...

aren't they beautiful :)


On the crochet front...I'm plodding on with the stripes and squares blanket...plodding is the wrong word really...I'm loving doing it...its just I have lots of other ideas popping into my head...I want to start them too :)

The daily squares are being completed...can't quite believe how many days have gone already this year! Hubby thinks I'm making a new carpet! Ha ha :)

And I've sorted through my little left over basket and found a few more missing colours for my colour wheel...

This is the little hoard of crafty bits I purchased the other week...wooden boxes to decoupage, little wooden eggs for Easter...a see through frame for...not sure yet but I have been after one of these for sometime...and a pocket watch case...this is for later on in the year...I do have a plan :)... this little lot should keep me happy for a while...not sure what I will use the boxes for...just loved them...the little buckets have been put straight in the bathroom with shells in them :)


From the net this favourite thing has been...this planter I love it...last year I re-homed one of these buckets from a skip...a few more and I could build this???

and for the interior...I am completely in love with Blanket Ladders...I have this week commissioned my Dad to make me one for the I hope he's busy up the garage making it as I write...ha ha :)

Well what a romp through the week that has been!  I better go and start the late, late lunch we are having we had a late, late breakfast :)

I will leave you with this weeks vintage photo....

Penny Sweets!...fruit salads were my favourite...used to have these from the corner shop every afternoon on the walk home from school :)

This week quote...

I am so thankful for everything in my life...I try not to complain...and taking life day by day is good advice I think :)

Have a fabulous week....enjoy everything you do...see ya next week xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Yet another beautiful, inspiring, thought provoking post. I like your outlook on life and all your positiveness.
    Wishing you another good week ahead!
    Take care
    Mandy X

  2. Hi there,oops I'm late reading your delightful post,have been soooo bizi.

    I agree with everything Mandy says,I LOVE reading your blog so glad I found it.Love the pics,I am a dog walker,your lil pup is so pretty.Love that sponge,just yummy,I made a chocolate one last week yum yum yum.Love that blanket,not sure how you attach the squares to the stripes but it is lovely colours.We have had cold bright days here,not rain rain rain like the last couple of months.Hugs x

  3. Forgot to say I adore that seagull on your bathroom shelf,made me smile.x

  4. Aww thanks Lee I love reading all the comments I love to hear what you've all been up to :) xx