Monday, 14 March 2016

A Milestone in Life....65 years! :)

Hello....a day late with my diary this week...I was wondering what to write about as I have not really done anything this week...I have not been too good all week...I've either trapped a nerve...or its a flair up of my ongoing osteoarthritis...or a bit of both...but the left side of me has been in a lot of pain all week and my arm and hand pretty much does feel a little better today but I has knocked me for six not being able to get on with things :((

Anyway....that aside...I don't like to being a "moany" about me...I may not have much to "show" you this week...but I can tell you a little story about a milestone that was reached this week....

This is my Aunty and Uncle...she is 89 ( her birthday was last week) and he is 90 in a few weeks time....

During this last week they celebrated their Wedding Anniversary....65 years !  In this day and age it is fantastic...but they come from a time when the marriage vows really did mean forever...and as this generation passes on...I sadly doubt it will be heard of very often in the future...but what an achievement in life...I think its wonderful....but the story does not end there...they live in their house still...they do their shopping...the cooking...the housework...the washing...gardening...and of course they really enjoy their holidays :)  And talking of them being in their own home...they have lived in the same house for 62 years...and they have had the same neighbour all that time!!!! I can hardly believe it...that has to be another milestone achievement! I love them both dearly....xx


Last Sunday evening I did get a spurt on with my stripes and squares blanket to get it finished...and I did achieve that....

And I did start to make some flower squares....but with the way I have been heart was not in there's no progress at the moment...

And I have to admit that I didn't do any daily squares I shall be playing catch up to get back on track..... :)


Needless to say baking took a back seat also...but I did make a peach crumble for pudding on the day Mom and Dad came for you can see we had Ambrosia deluxe custard with added clotted cream...yummy


A couple of sneaky little...emphasis on Little...purchases slipped through the letter box....

A couple of years ago I purchased a printers of the trays that has all the little compartments for the printing letters to go in...and as I am planning to re-decorate the office/craft room...I want to get that up on the I had been looking at little things to put in the little spaces...I wanted to put things in that meant something to I got this cutest little fox terrier dog...I had a walker with one of these dogs on when I was a baby and I learnt to walk using fox terriers have always been one of favourite dogs so I had to get that...and the other is a little work again very me :)

The day Mom and Dad came...Dad came in with this glass....

Its a useless photo I know...but the glass made us laugh...Dad said it would indicate to Hubby what sort of day it had been when he comes in from work...half full a Good Day...3/4 full a Bad Day...full Don't Ask! Ha Ha...of course it will only ever be half full!... :))

I cant remember whether I mentioned last week about growing lettuce from the left over stalk?? Well that's what I have been doing...just a quick re-cap...I saw on Pinterest that you can grow lettuce etc from the left over stalk in water...this is the result after a week....

Nearly enough to put on sarnie! Now I can tell you I wont be doing this on a regular basis...I just wanted to try it...I'm now trying it with celery...ha ha


My favourite thing on Pinterest was found I haven't even taken much interest in that this week either...

the cutest little bunny cake for Easter...I love it and think I might have a go at this one :)


So that's my week! A little low...but I will give myself a kick up the backside this week and get motivated again :)

So to this weeks vintage photo....

It was Barbie's birthday...she turned last...I LOOK LIKE BARBIE!!!! Ha Ha....

This weeks quote....

This is what I'm going to look for this week...that ordinary moment that turns out very special....

Have a lovely week all...enjoy everything you do...and look for those little ordinary moments...xxxxxxx


  1. Hi there,I so look forward to your blog.I am so sorry you are not well,must be so frustrating for you,not to mention the pain and discomfort.Fingers crossed for you feeling a lot better soon.I Love all your crochet,so pretty.Well,I have never heard of growing lettuce from the stalk what an idea,I must have a go.O love that bunny cake,I saw one on Pinterest too like that one lol,sooo cute.Huge Congratulations to your lovely Aunt and Uncle.I collect minitures,don't know what it is about them,something magical maybe.Do have a good week.Hugs xx

    1. Your right Lee...miniatures are a little magical :) have a great week xx

  2. Hi,hope you don't mind but I have been looking through your blog,last year because you are so clever and I love your crochet and photo's.Well have just seen the squirrel lamp with the acorn lamp.If you look on hopefully you will see it.x

    1. Oh my goodness...well done one has ever been able to find it! You are clever and I still love it just as much xx

  3. Congrats to your aunt and uncle. What a wonderful story!
    So sorry to hear you are under the weather. Pain and lack of being able to get on is horrible and you have every right to moan a little! I do hope this week brings some relief. Your post is as interesting and inspiring as ever.
    Oh, I look like Barbie too! Never thought I would hear myself say that! He he.
    Take good care and keep up your wonderful outlook on life and all your lovely plans.
    Mandy X

    1. Aw thanks Mandy...I think the pain is easing a little...fingers crossed :) xx