Monday, 28 March 2016


Hello....its a day of disruption....the aftermath of storm Katie has left us all disrupted this eldest grandson and my dad were off to the Motofest at Weston Park...grateful that the morning was at least dry, if a tad chilly they set off for a day of looking at all the vehicles...but when they had been cancelled due to the flooding :( (one disappointed disappointed Dad!)  I foolishly decided to nip to another DIY centre this morning 15mins up the road...just to check their wallpaper selection...I was missing for 2hrs due to road closures, again due to I'm staying in the rest of the day :)

Over the last 24 hours we have had every bit of weather...sun, rain, hail, thunder, lightening, gales and snow! we only missed out on the frost! haha

Our clocks went forward an hour this weekend...the start of lighter evenings and the start of our British Summertime....I am so in need of some sunny days...beaches and flip flops :)

When the clocks go forward...I am grateful for the lighter evenings but it really knocks my body rhythm about...I'm very tired and fuzzy headed for quite a few days...I really don't know why because I know it doesn't affect some people at all...anyway that's the little bit of moaning over haha...


Its been a bit of a hectic week here...I have managed to motivate Hubby into the decorating so its been a week of stripping walls...wallpaper hunting (very enjoyable for me) and moving and distribution of furniture...most of my clothes are in vacuum packed bags and I have no idea where anything is!  But all good fun and the plan of how our bedroom will look is falling into place in my mind :)  So really there has been little time for anything else...but I did manage some Easter decorating...

Pink blossom garlands have been draped and the bunnies all have pink bows :)

Even Stanley the Stag is wearing his Spring Crown :)

The daffodils opened into a glorious display....

the little sprigs of forsythia gathered from our walk on Good Friday have now also blossomed :)

My Easter vase of branches turned out lovely...remember the photo's I posted last week of what I had in mind...

the blossom branches all bloomed yesterday its very pretty now :)

And I saved my egg shells and made these....


For my baking this week...I decided on a Lemon of Mary Berry's recipes...she baked this on her Easter programme this week...

its the first time I have ever tried to make a roulade and I was really chuffed with how it turned out...the little wafer flowers made it look very spring like and it tasted yummy :)


Not much crochet has occurred due to the decorating commitments...but my basket has very much changed colour...I couldn't get "the feeling" for the project I had started last I've put it away for another time...and have embarked on another patchwork blanket...but this time just using blues and greens so that it can appeal to boy babies....

I have been keeping up with the daily squares but haven't managed to join together another they are in a very happy, colourful in the cupboard...somewhere! :)


Yesterday was spent at my daughters with all the grand children and my was a lovely day...lots of Easter Easter Egg Hunt....lots of fun play....and we had a fabulous lunch of slow roasted lamb and garlic yummy :)

I had to show you this photo of the youngest in his flat cap..... :)

he just looked so adorable...I do apologise for the runny nose but he had just taken a tumble...but managed a smile for the camera bless him.... :)


So that has been my week...quite fun filled...enjoyable with no stresses...(until I went to the DIY Store today...haha)

I will leave you with this weeks quote....

not so much a quote...just a little bit of a "wish list"...and it seems to be written on that wallpaper I so wanted...haha....

This weeks vintage photo....

did you have a pair of these skates?  I did...strapping them to you shoes and managing to keep them there was an art in itself as I remember...I was never very good...lots of falling over and sprained ankles...but all good fun...I so wanted to brilliant but it never happened....

Have a lovely week all....enjoy everything you do...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello,can't believe mostly what you have said on here is what is happening to us also hee hee.We have not had lightning or snow but as we speak everything else.So sorry to hear about the flooding.We too are in the midst of decorating,Glyn was still painting at 1am this morning,sort of on the home straight,got to get carpets organised.I'm glad I'm not the only one to be fuzzy headed since the clocks went forward.LOVE your Easter pics.I have actually put a post on my blog.Yes can't wait for flip flop weather,we are 5 mins from the beach and can hear the ocean when we open our bedroom window I LOVE IT.Hugs xx

    1. Hi seems to be the season for decorating...glad your on the home straight :) I have just been on your blog...your photo is are so lucky living so close to the's my dream I hope to make come true one day...I adore the countryside where I live but the sea shore has my heart :) have a lovely week xx