Sunday, 6 March 2016

Family Day :)

Hello...hope you are having a lovely day....and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out UK anyway, I know the dates are different in other countries :)

I have travelled up to my daughters today to spend the day with my little family and my parents came has been lovely...lovely lunch and super strawberry and cream cake...and a couple of cheeky glasses of Fizz...nothing better :)

My daughter and the 3 munchkins :)

I've had some lovely gifts too...a little pretty pink plant and plant pot from the munchkins....which is sitting on the bathroom window ledge....

And a gorgeous hand painted (by my daughter) motto sign which will be hanging on a wall...once I've decided which one...I have pranced around the house this tea time trying to decide where it looks best :)

I'm so pleased that the crafty bug is rubbing off onto another generation :)


It has been mighty cold this week...which has made for some lovely frosty walks and very red and rosy cheeks!  We drove through snow...rain and brilliant sunshine today so I know various parts of England have had very different weather!


It has been our Anniversary this week so I baked a Banana & Carrot Cake...I'm not really a lover of Carrot Cake but I thought this might be nice with the banana in...and it was...

the cream cheese frosting was runny cheesecake :)


Again this week I have been spending a lot of time on Family Tree research....and I'm very happy to report....a break through! I have found my Granddad and his family!!!! It was census just popped up and there they were...I could believe it! I thought I was imagining it as it was 11:30pm and I was so tired...but now I have addresses...dates and professions...he and his father were Publicans...which we had suspected....and I think I'm almost back another generation as it has been a really good week on the search...I can't tell you how satisfying it has been...and a relief....I was becoming a little obsessed!

Not a lot of craftiness has occurred due to one thing and another...and my family tree search obsession...but I have joined another row of daily squares....

and I am determined to finish my stripes and square blanket this week...I have decided what my next crochet project is going to be...and the colours...and I'm itching to get started.... :)


Well I think its going to be a short and sweet diary entry this week....I don't seem to have been up to much :) I did find this on Pinterest or was it doesn't really matter....I thought it was a great idea for a present of wine/fizz and chocolates but presented in such a great and different way...

How brilliant is that! A wine and chocolate pineapple! Just a great idea :)

I have forgotten to show you my hyacinths from last week...look how they have grown and opened....

they fill the room with that heady scent...amazing :)
So that's it....I will leave you with this weeks vintage photo....

Were you an Angel Delight person or Instant Whip? Or maybe you liked both? I was definitely an Instant Whip was one of my favourite "after tea" had to be strawberry flavour and I had sliced banana in it the memories ha ha :) 

This weeks quote....

good advice...each moment can be perfect :)

Have a lovely week...enjoy everything you do...make some perfect moments :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi,Your family look adorable,what lovely presents you have.Love the cake yum yum.You would get on so well with Glyn my husband he spends hours on Family Tree stuff,not my scene for lots of reasons.I have 2 crochet blankets on the go and still looking for new stitches to start new projects lol.We have had heavy rain and Gales here in Cornwall but luckily have survived.Hugs xx

    1. Hi Lee....glad you've survived the gales in one piece lol....I've put a spurt on this week and finished my stripes & squares blanket so I'm now on my new project :) take care have a great week :) xx

  2. Oops forgot to say I loved instant whip and Angel delight hee hee.That Pineapple idea is Awesome.x