Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Universe at Work :)

Hello Happy Sunday :)

This week has been topsy turvy...I know we are all obsessed with the weather here in England...but you can't blame us this week...we have had everything! Last weekend and the beginning of the week we were -5 degrees and we had snow....then we had hard frosts but sunny days and blue skies...then just a sunny day (which was lovely) where temperatures in our garden reached 21 degrees!! Next day rain and its dismal and 12 degrees...what's going on! The only thing we haven't had here is hail but I'm someone probably has had it!

Anyway enough of our weather...I have had a mouth ulcer this week...on my tongue (my nan would have said I'd have been telling lies...but I haven't!)  and boy has it been painful...but I'm well prepared for ulcers as I have suffered from them for years...but usually when I'm stressed but that's not the case this I think the Universe has been at work...telling me to be quiet and shut up! ha ha its a know fact that I'm a chatterbox (my friends all have permission to tell me to shut up when I'm with them)  so it really has been quiet around here this week! Hubby has loved it :) and when this popped up on my Facebook page...I really do think the Universe has been trying to tell me something....

So I've taken heed and relaxed and been kind to myself all week...a little bit of Reiki...I practice Reiki everyday but this week has been kinda special...a bit of meditation...not sitting crossed legged and chanting kind of meditation (that's not my thing) just quiet fact I find my daily walks out in the fresh nature... all the mediation I need and a lot of "living in the moment" and I have to say it has been wonderful...although I have felt a little under the weather I have really enjoyed my week...its bought me back down the earth....grounded and I feel so much better :)

My bake this week was...Lemon Meringue Pie....(nice and soft so I could still eat it :) )

It looked amazing when it came out the oven...all puffed up and looked like one of the old fashioned silk parachutes had just landed on the top :)  I have never made one of these from scratch (I've only made one using the shop bought pack) and the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off in it...a lesson I have learnt is that you need to do all the measuring of ingredients BEFORE you start! But it tasted amazing I was very pleased with myself :)

On the crafty front...its just been crochet this week...the daily squares are growing...daily funnily enough!

and I have finished my squares for the granny square blanket...they are all neat in their little piles ready to be joined....

This is the first two rows joined with white....

I'm loving this colour combo... <3

On the beautiful frosty, sunny day I thought I would walk to the shops to get what we needed...its about a mile trip...but its a short walk across the field and down the a very pleasant walk...and as my mind was focused on quiet contemplation it was perfect...I got my "dolly" bag out...I'm not sure why we call them dolly bags...Hubby calls it my Granny trolley...well I'm a granny...its easy to carry the shopping home...and without it he wouldn't have had his beer!

It was perfect...a nice pop of colour and even has a handy pocket on the back to put my bunch of roses! :) It was a lovely walk...the birds were all very busy...a squirrel was playing in the branches and the snowdrops are out and in bloom...

My favourite interior photo from Pinterest this week is...

I just adore these cupboard doors...its another photo for the dream house board...well you gotta dream... :)

But by far my favourite photo of the week was this....and I am so going to try this next time we have a frost or snow in the garden :)

Isn't is adorable? You could...if you have a big enough garden...write something in bird seed...maybe Happy Birthday for the recipient to see...but the heart is great for Valentines day :)

Well during my quiet week of plans for next week include these...

I'm starting off small...with my little box of drawers...but the plan is to eventually do my craft cupboard...but I also want to start my Hopes..Dreams and Wishes book and make something crafty but crochet hopefully I will have lots to show you next week...

So I will take my leave...and finally the vintage photo...

When I saw this it bought back so many memories of shopping on a Saturday afternoon with my best friend...we met every week and we would end up in Beatties (our posh shop in town) in the café and have Ice-cream Soda's...yummy :)

And the quote for this week....

a follow on from my week...that I will be taking into next in the moment...take everything in....there is soooo much to see!

See you next week...have a fabulous time...enjoy everything you do xxxxx

P.S I didn't want to put this in the main part of the blog as it makes me sad...but I have to record it as its my diary...two of my very best friends have lost their pets over the last few has lost her puddy cat and this week my other bestie has lost her little dog Finn...he was in his 18th year :( xxx


  1. So proud to say this is my mum really talented very proud of you xx

  2. Yet another inspiring, thoughtful, lovely post. You truly are inspirational. I too am trying to live more in the moment. I think it's something that most people don't do due to the pace of modern life.
    Ouch re your mouth ulcer. Nasty little things. Wishing you a full recovery from it thus week.
    Take care. Mandy X

    1. Thank you Mandy my ulcer is feeling much better today...I too believe it's modern life and the fact mobiles rule lives that people miss so much of what's going on around them...have a great week xx

  3. Hi Florence.
    Thank you for a inspirational blog.
    I to are trying to do things differently this year. Trying to make things that matter.
    I'm finishing all my crotchet projects off.
    I have just retire my new years resolution is in April to start by blog up again.
    I hope you feel better soon

  4. Thank you Jacky I'm feeling much better today...your so good finishing off old projects I have some hiding away :) I do hope you are enjoying your retirement and I'm looking forward to reading your blog :) have a lovely week xx