Sunday, 3 January 2016

Welcome January....Welcome 2016

Happy New Year to one and all....I wish you a year full of wonderful...amazing...beautiful moments to treasure in the years to come :)

We had our usual quiet night in for New Years Eve...I somehow find the evening a little sad...the end of another year...but once midnight arrives I'm fine and ready and looking forward to the New Year with gusto :) We laughed at Mrs Brown D'Movie and I was in my element watching the New Year in with Mr Bryan Adams on TV (slight swoon) he is one of my all time favourites :) ...I didn't have too much bubbly so didn't wake up to headache...which was lovely (for a change Hubby has just said)....we always have a special breakfast on 1st January...this year we had "Brunch"....potato rosti's topped with smoked salmon...dry cured crispy bacon and poached eggs....yummy! We have, as usual purchased far too much food for I have been making the most of the leftovers...and shredded sprouts fried in butter with smokey bacon is delicious :) ...there were a few things I'd kept back in the freezer and we have eaten like kings these first few days....lobster...scallops....beef wellington...I've felt like a domestic goddess...ha ha....the best thing about the get the free gift of the shells....I LOVE shells!

All nicely dishwashered...ready to display...somewhere...not sure where yet :)

Hubby took me to venture out in the sales...and came back with a few little goodies I found....

Gaffer...Mr Tetley... :)

The prettiest little teacup vase I found hiding at the back of a shelf...and at half price!

I fell in love with this cushion...I couldn't leave it behind...little brown chair is going to look super smart this Spring :)

Hubby also treated me to a new mixer....

I am thrilled with it...and I have promised myself that I will bake at least one thing every week...I cant wait to get started :) I'm feeling a very lucky girl at the old mixer has been gifted to my daughter...who promises to use it to make more cakes :) we made the journey "up North" today to see her and our gorgeous grandsons...and of course it was raining (the motorway was awful) it has been all week :( but seeing the family makes it better :)

Well most of the decorations have been put away again...except for a few little things left up until twelfth night...Nan would never let us put the decs away until I try and keep the tradition going...although as much as I love, love, love Christmas...I am glad to get the house back to normal...its a fresh start...I like to try and change the furniture and ornaments around its all different...Little brown chair has moved this year :) 

On the crochet has been slow...I just don't seem to have had time to sit quiet... :( (hoping that will change this week) but I'm over half way through making the 150 squares needed for the first patchwork blanket :)

My head is just full of projects I want to complete this year...and I'm determined to do them...I want to tackle more crochet (of course!)...I want to sew at least one thing (that will be interesting!)...I want to paint some watercolours...and I want to paint my craft cupboard...and with wanting to bake at least once a am I going to keep on top of the housework??? Never mind crafting is much more important than that... ha ha :)

Last year I decided that I wanted to start this diary and make an entry each week...and after I had recovered from my illness and operation that's what I have done...and I've really enjoyed documenting my little bit of weekly life here...its not been exciting...but it reminds me of all things I have made, all the things I've done and the places I've been...and reminds me that life is ok...its a happy little life I'm leading...I'm very lucky :)

I will take my leave now for this week and leave you with this weeks vintage photo...

This happens to me all time...not only with my friends...but my mom and my daughter :) and again when I look at this photo...there's another little reminder of Florrie May The Original...the lady on the left is drinking her tea from the saucer...she always had her first cuppa of day from the saucer :)

This weeks something I wish for myself and for all of you my lovely friends....

Have a fabulous week...enjoy everything you do...xxxxxx



  1. What a lovely new year post!
    We have put all decs away today and got the house back to normal. A new year, with new possibilities. Like a fresh page.
    Mandy X

  2. Thanks's a great feeling...that anticipation of new things to come :) xx

  3. I absolutely love your teacup vase, I shall have to start a search for one. Happy new year xx

  4. Hi Cheryl Happy New Year...I found the vase in Boots but I hadn't seen them before Christmas...happy hunting xx