Sunday, 17 January 2016

Winter Has Finally Arrived :)

Helloooo....Winter has finally arrived...yay :)

We have had snow and the temperature has been in the minus' I wish I could post beautiful photos of whitewashed landscapes and powder coated branches...but I can't...the snow has been very light here and if it has snowed heavy its slushy...but there's been enough for us all to have a slip and slide and make ourselves giggle :) Its been Puppy Dogs first glimpse of a snow covered world...the early morning trip to the garden was filled with the time we got the garden she looked like a Dalmatian and she just stood there looking to the sky wondering what on earth was falling in from it! :) On our walks it really has frisked her up and she's pirouetting and proper skittish :) now we've always had smallish dogs...who look cute when they are playing in the snow....Puppy Dog is 5 and half stone....a skittish puppy who weighs that much is dangerous! She's nearly taken my legs from under me several times :) ...but its lovely to see them play...just like takes me back to building snowmen...writing in the snow and making snow angels with my daughter when she was little...and thankfully my grandsons have been doing just that same thing this weekend...out in the snow as soon as it started...its heartwarming to see that the simple pleasures still exist in this very modern world... :)  

The list making and organising has continued this crafty cupboard and desk look mighty organised :))) and crochet has been in little pile of daily squares is growing...

I have finished my Patchwork Blanket order...that will be making its way to its lovely new owner next week...

and I have started the next blanket already....

Now I'm a lover of Stylecraft Special DK yarn...its fabulous to work with and is robust for blanket making...but a while ago I did purchase a "Cath Kidston" inspired pack of New Fashion DK as it was on offer at a fantastic price...this is what I'm using at the moment...and although it doesn't feel the same...the squares make up really quickly...its slightly thicker than the Stylecraft yarn...I think it will be lovely and warm when its finished...I'm not a convert but I am liking this yarn...I would definitely buy more :)

My bake this week was chocolate brownies...well sort of...I can honestly say that I have never had a brownie... as the ones in supermarket look dry to me...but I have been watching James Martins Home Comforts of an afternoon and he made chocolate and cherry brownies which looked I got the recipe and decided that was what I would he used fresh cherries...well there were non to be found (not surprising as they are not in season) so I substituted the cherries with....Rolo's...yes Rolo's...when I relayed this story to my friend when we had lunch she nearly choked...and we had a good laugh about it...well the said tray bake came out of the oven...and it didn't look like James' fact it was so sticky I had to cut it with scissors! Ha friend has a slice when we got home (now she is a lover of brownies) and she said it was lovely...although  she said I had made a new version as it wasn't like a brownie at all ha ha....well this is all thats left now....

and it has been yummy...its got better as the days have gone on...and I think the Rolo's were a great addition :)

Having given my previous mixer to my daughter she seems to have caught the baking bug and made these for her mother-in-laws birthday yesterday... don't they look lovely... :)

This week also sadly saw us lose two very British Icons to cancer...

David Bowie...I think there is Bowie for all of us...he re-invented himself so many times...and you may not have liked all of these periods...but there's so many songs to choose from... and....

the wonderful Alan Rickman...such a brilliant actor...who will be remembered by the young for Harry Potter and the old for so many other movies...may they both rest in peace...

We'll leave the sadness behind now...

my favourite find this week on Pinterest has been these...

photo from Pinterest

and I'm pondering on how I can make some...maybe Paper Mache......

I've decided that my list on the calendar today has just one task on that's what I'm doing...Hubby is at I will be catching up on shows I've recorded and crocheting...just lovely and cosy with the Puppy Dog who loves nothing better than being wrapped in snuggly blankets :) ...this interior photo I saw this week would be the perfect place today I think...

photo taken from Pinterest

It just looks so cosy and inviting.... :)

Well I will take my leave for this week....I wonder what next week will bring....

The vintage photo is....

childhood goodness we used to skip for hours...I cant remember the last time I saw children playing skipping??? and do you remember "Clackers"...I loved these...I remember all the bruises from practicing so much to get it right...I'm sure we all say this as we get older...but I do think times were better when we all played like this...out with our friends... instead of computer games today which doesn't really involve any friends...or being outdoors!

This weeks quote...

I just loved this little girls face...and it does inspire you to..."Get Your Happy On"

Have a great week...enjoy everything you do...and go and jump in some puddles and Get Your Happy On!  Ha Ha xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello Florrie
    Another wonderful post! Gosh, you really are a most inspiring person and your energy and love for life literally oozes from your blog.
    Your post are so cheery, truthful and real.
    You inspire me!
    Best wishes,
    Mandy xx

    1. Aw Mandy thank you so're very kind :) I do try and be upbeat so I'm glad that is coming through...have a wonderful week xx

  2. It made me happy just to see that little girl's face, so sweet! Your blanket is gorgeous and I love the colours in your next set of squares. Rolos in brownies, inspired xx

  3. Hi i love your blankets there so cheerier and warm this time of year.
    I hope they go to good homes where they are appreciated.


    1. Thanks Jacky...the patchwork baby blanket has gone to a very good home..a lovely lady for her grandchild :) x