Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happy Crochet and Sunny Days :)

Good Morning!!! :)
What a beautiful and sunny few days we have had and its here again today!
The cherry trees on the entrance to the field are looking spectacular, the sky has been so blue and it shows of the pinky blossom perfectly

look how blue that sky is

 lovely dappled sunlight against those gorgeous cherry trees
Walking under these trees you can hear them hum, they are teeming with bees all very busy pollenating those pretty blooms.  Nearly all the trees and bursting with buds, the one in the photo is my fav, as the buds look like little fuzzy pompoms and they look nothing like the leaves that eventually grace this tree

We didn't have a very sunny day on Sunday just gone, so I started doing the papercut my daughter has requested, when we lose this lovely bit of sunshine (I like to be outside as much as possible when the weather is good) I will continue with it and show you the finished article but for now this is a snippet

Start of the papercut requested by my daughter

Out in the garden this week not much more has burst out in flower just my really cute miniature tulips, they are just delightful, so small and cute and the prettiest pink, they close their little faces when the sun is not on them first thing in the morning, but as it warms up, they open to reveal themselves in their full glory, I just love, love, love them :) I can see the buds on the rhododendron are about the reveal themselves, but at the moment they are just teasing me.

My miniature tulips closed before the heat warms them up

fully open in the sun, they are so gorgeous

I have been busy crocheting, as always, I crochet every day, I've been carrying on with my granny square blanket and I'm loving the colours, using up all the half balls of wool I have in my basket.  I will do a post on the granny squares next week, I'll share how I deal with the loose ends and pattern making, it may help someone.

A little pile of Happy Crochet

one more square to do
 Yesterday I started edging the squares ready to join, I tried out three different ways but have now decided what I am doing so I should be able to show you the almost finished article on the Weekend as I think I will run out of wool to complete it, so I can see an order into the Wool Warehouse coming on :)  (that will mean I can order the colour chart and some of the new colours as well...oh the joy...that will make me a happy girl :)
The 2nd pattern has been released for the CAL in conjunction with Stylecraft and its of one of the flowers, so I think I will enjoy this one, I will be having a go at that sometime this week too, I have printed my pattern off this morning :)
Well off to get ready to go into my little sanctuary of a garden with my basket of wool and do some crochet and play with puppy dog, Hubby is changing the water tank today so I think I'll stay out of the way!

Have a happy day and may the above quote apply to all :) xxx

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