Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Happy Heart Crochet

Wow this week is going so fast! And my brain is very confused today (its not hard to do that) when Hubby is on shifts I never really know what day it is - I thought it was Sunday yesterday, so now its Wednesday the week really is going fast!!

I was so excited to begin the Lily Pond CAL as mentioned in my last post, but on reflection: and this is only my opinion, I'm sure lots of people are enjoying it, I think I got swept up in the hype and I started the first panel and didn't really like it, I thought it looked a bit messy.  I crochet to make my heart happy, I don't like over fiddly patterns to follow and I found this one very distracting, having to change wool colours so often and change needle size you could not do this pattern without concentration and I personally don't enjoy that.  So I will be using some of the pattern to make up a different project but sad to say I will not be making up the blanket as per the pattern,  To get over my disappointment I have started a new blanket which I am enjoying very much and its using up all my left overs from the last one which is double bonus :)

Start of my new blanket :) makes my heart happpppyyy
First panel of the Lily Pond ~CAL

The baby bear blanket I completed last week sold quickly and went off to its new home yesterday and everyone is in love with it so that's great to know, its lovely to spread a bit of joy around. I think I will post a pattern for this on a later post

Baby Bear Blanket

The weather here turned last week and we lost the felt of the shed roof in the very gusty winds so today will be spent repairing that...well Hubbys day will be spent doing that I will spend it supervising and making tea!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and me and the puppy dog spent it in the garden playing, it was lovely to spend some time in the sunshine and see quite a few of the flowers in bloom

Later in the afternoon and after much playing of ball, squashing the plastic pop bottle, chewing loin toys nose off and rough and tumble, puppy dog decided to take an afternoon snooze in the conservatory :)

Snoozy puppy dog...bless her
Well off to crack the whip in the garden...speak to you soon xxxx

Have a lovely day :)

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