Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Its All About Flowers

Well what a week, I've felt completely off 'balance' this week, I think I'm in need of a top up on my reflexology! Due to this 'feeling' I haven't accomplished much this week, just managed to keep on top of things.

Some beautiful sunny daffodils brightened my days, they were so pretty, a very pale creamy yellow and a pinky/peach centre, just wonderful

The photo doesn't do them justice!
The second pattern of the CAL was released and I gave it a go, but I'm still not in love with it ~ I've pretty much decided to do my own thing and incorporate some of the design elements
 second part of the CAL
We've had two family birthdays this week too, so I've enjoyed two special celebrations with bubbly and cake! But have still found myself managing to do some crochet of my own.  I've started joining the Granny squares together, the photo belies the true weather, it looks soooo sunny, but its actually very grey and rainy!

Sunny Squares!
Yesterday I decided I needed to make a flower - don't ask me why - and I then made to base of a new wreath for summer, this is a pic of my flower

I had been looking on google for flower inspiration and came across these....I fell in love with them, so will be trying to recreate them, although I'm not sure they will come out as beautiful as these!

These are just so gorgeous...I love them :)
Well I think that's it...its been a very quiet and reflective week...lets hope the weather returns to sunny and warm and I can get my spirit back!

Have a great week xxx

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