Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone hope the Easter bunny has left lots of lovely chocolate eggs :)

Last week I made some new decorations for my Spring decoration ~ I made some crocheted daisies and mini mandala's.  Some time ago I purchased a bag of mixed wooden shapes so I searched them out of the craft cupboard, sorted out little hearts, bunny rabbits and butterflies and my box of tester pot paints and spent a pleasurable hour or so painting shapes and colouring in pretty butterflies with metallic felt tips, a bit of thin string and ribbon to finish off :)

On our next walk out with puppy dog I snipped some blossom twigs and other greenery to go with my sunny daffodils and tulips

Arranged my bronze hares and hung my new decorations from the little branches a few decoupage eggs will complete the scene ~ a little tip to pass on from my florist days is to cut your tulips short and don't worry about them looking a bit buried, in a few days they will be above the daffodils...why...because they carry on growing in the water that's why they droop and flop in a vase, you need to cut them every couple of days to keep them perfect ~ as these a placed well down in the vase they should be ok and supported so I won't have to keep disturbing the arrangement

This photo was taken the next day you already see the tulips have grown!

I forgot about my first go at felting I made a rabbit he I now happily sitting in the middle of my Spring Wreath

I love him and I plan to have a go at making more :) 

My grandsons have got the crafting bug too ~ they have made their Easter cowboy hats and are now on an egg hunt and at an Easter party

Happy Easter everyone be back soon xxxx